We currently provide both prototype and production products to over 50 automotive, industrial, and marine customers for both gas and diesel applications, including:

  • Catalytic Converters Assemblies

  • Catalysed Muffler Assemblies

  • Diesel Filter Assemblies

  • Rolled and Formed Exhaust Components

  • Manual and Robotically Welded Assemblies

  • Partial-Full Exhaust Assemblies

  • Automotive Single-Triple Layer Heat-shields

  • Passive Exhaust Valves (Patented Technology)

  • Exhaust Assembly Tools & Fixtures

  • Mandrell Bent Exhaust Tubing

  • Bent High Pressure Tubing (Break-lines)

  • Machined Automotive Products & Assemblies

If you have a need for any type of exhaust system or component, give us the opportunity to provide you a proposal.

Catalytic Converter